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Nous sommes Jeanne et Zineb, deux amies pratiquantes et enseignantes de yoga (entre autres activités). Nous nous sommes rencontrées en 2018, nous partageons les bancs de la fac depuis 2019 et avons lancé le blog Citta Vritti blog ("fluctuations of the mind" in Sanskrit) in 2020. We did this in order to share our musings on yoga in the broadest sense of the term. Welcome!

With this blog, we modestly aspire to share our inquiries into yoga "from its origins to the present day" and through various lenses. We are as interested in the history and philosophy of yoga as an Indian wisdom as we are in the globalized discipline it has become. As journalists, graduates in Political Sciences, specialists in Environment, long-term travelers, we question yoga through our knowledge, experiences, and our view of the world, infused with sociology, feminism, ecology, economics, pop culture, psychology, and politics (non-exhaustive list).

We are driven by our ceaseless questions (team vritti!) and a fair dose of cognitive dissonance about our relationship with yoga. We love to challenge the world, starting with the world of yoga, which sometimes seems bland to us, reduced to complicated postures and Buddha quotes gleaned from the internet. We believe that the best way to honor this wisdom is to make an effort to know it by moving beyond the superficial clichés in which we imprison it.

Here you will find interviews with recognized researchers and experts in their fields: in the " Jñāna " section ("knowledge" in Sanskrit). But also our rants because it feels good to express ourselves freely: in the " The Kali chronicles " section (the Hindu goddess of anger and destruction). And finally, educational articles to better understand yoga, its terms, its jargon: in the " Pradîpikâ " section ("little light on" in Sanskrit).

What this blog is NOT: a "feel good" or "good vibes only" site, an asana manual, a wellness or personal development site, and even less a place for disguised advertising or product placements.

Bonne lecture !

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